13-year-old girl gets to take a break from chemo to go to Selena Gomez concert at Sprint Center

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Alayna gets to go the the Selena Gomez concert, thanks to the Hudson Project.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 13-year-old Kansas City northland girl, who’s turning 14 on Sunday, received an early birthday surprise from The Hudson Project Cancer Charity.

Alayna Shelley is fighting Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The Hudson Project gave her tickets to the July 1 Selena Gomez concert at Sprint Center.

“I’m really excited because this is the first one I’ll be able to go to,” said Alayna. “I just like her singing.”

“She’s a great role model for teenage girls,” her mom, Liana Shelley, added.

Hudson and Phyllis

Hudson and Phyllis

The Hudson Project was started by a Kansas City-area husband whose wife, Phyllis Gremillion, had stomach cancer. They noticed families at the hospital were struggling financially.  Families couldn’t afford lunch, so the Gremillions sometimes bought lunch for them. Unfortunately, Phyllis died, but the generosity lived on. Hudson was the name of their Great Dane, so they named it after him and set up a charity to help families fighting cancer.

“It’s so awesome to get support from people who have been through similar situations. It’s really touching,” Alayna’s dad, Tim Shelley, said.

Alayna’s mom, Liana, says the Hudson Project took notice of their family because the man’s veterinarian, is their veterinarian, Dr. Kay Johnson.

“She was telling him about our family,” said Liana. “This is amazing. This will be her first concert to go to. It’s awesome that we’ll be on the floor so she’ll be close.”

In addition to the floor seats, Alayna will also get a limo ride to and from the concert.

A Kansas City, Mo., Police Department canine officer delivered the tickets to Alayna’s house on Friday.

“She’s actually supposed to be in the hospital at that time but her doctors are allowing her to take a week off from chemo so she can go to the concert, because we alerted them before,” said Liana. “It’s been a hard road. She’s spent a lot of time in the hospital already. It will be nice to get out.”

Surprise for Alayna

Surprise for Alayna

Alayna Shelley