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Raymore mother is outraged as daughter is repeatedly bullied at summer camp

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RAYMORE, Mo. -- A Raymore mother is outraged after she says her daughter was physically bullied at summer camp. The city said there were complaints made and the situation was resolved.

Summer is usually a happy time, but it’s turned into a nightmare for seven-year-old Morgan. She attends Summer Quest camp in Raymore and said she’s been bullied since week one.

"She’s pulled me to the ground, she’s pulled my hair. She’s slapped me, she’s pushed me, she’s tripped me," Morgan said.

Mom Bethany is worried this problem isn’t taken more seriously. The city told FOX 4 a situation was reported this week, but they won’t give us specifics, saying it involved minors. The city said their staffers followed disciplinary policy.

"Step three is where they’ve been a long time. Parent meetings, parent meetings, parent meetings, but how many parent meetings are we going to have?" Bethany asked.

According to policy, a child could be reported at least three separate times for unacceptable behavior. Bethany said she hopes that girl will be expelled for her daughter’s sake and for others.

"Tuesday she was slapped in the face and I was done. I just had it," she said.

Bethany said she’s thinking of keeping her daughter at home, but is torn because, other than the bullying, Morgan loves camp.

"The counselors are really nice and we get to be outside all day," Morgan said.

Bethany said the camp counselors have been very helpful through out this situation. Summer Quest Camp runs through August.