Harrisonville School District adds new security devices to classrooms

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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. --  The Harrisonville School District is upgrading school security for the upcoming school year. The recent Orlando tragedy and recent school shootings have prompted officials to add extra layers of security.

The Guardian Angel Locking System is that extra layer the district is adding to 260 classrooms, in the case of an intruder.

It is a door mechanism that a teacher can quickly secure. The lock is independent of the regular door lock, and the cost is about the cost of a textbook.

"A little over the cost of the textbook, we can put them in every room and keep students safe and secure," Harrisonville superintendent Frank Dahman said. "And that's a peace of mind that we as a school district have and parents could have as well."

Teachers and staff will be trained on the locks in August, and students will learn about them during future school drills.

Lance Sargent, a teacher from Nevada Mo.,  invented the Guardian Angel Lock after attending a training security session.

Watch the video above to see how it works.