Joe’s Weather Blog: Yuck to the humidity (FRI-6/17)

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Oh my goodness…the air is thick and the temperatures are in the 90s as I type this blog. As I look at the 2PM heat index numbers…some are close to 115° on the KS side. YUCK!


Tonight: Clear and warm with lows in the upper 60s

Saturday: Sunny and hot. Highs near 90°. I’m hopeful the worst of the dew points will be off towards the west of KC. So many the heat index values won’t be as oppressive. Closer to 100°

Sunday: Sunny and hot with highs again near 90. Heat index values between 95-100°


Well I just sent out this tweet on our twitter account (@fox4wx).

Dew points are the driver in the world of weather. The following map shows the expanse of 70-75° dew points (the numbers in GREEN). In RED are the 2PM temperatures.

So you can clearly see the KC area dew points are near 75°. I do also want you to look off towards central and eastern MO where dew points are closer to 65°. Notice as well the wind flow at the surface.

It’s coming more from the east…to the west…what I’m hopeful about is that we’ll see some of that lower dew point air creep back farther towards the State Line area…this should hopefully provide some relief to the rather nasty mid 70 dew point air on top of the KC region and westwards over the weekend.

Something else that will need to watch and that is the potential of storms. Right now I think the KC prospects are rather low tomorrow. I do wonder though about some trash clouds that may move into the area from storms that are in NE and/or parts of KS overnight into early Saturday. I don’t want to over-estimate that potential though right now…let’s see what develops overnight.

Monday looks to have potential to again get rather toasty…perhaps 95-100° chances again with higher dew points. This will be ahead of a cold front that should give us at least a chance of some rain on Tuesday. The front itself should move through on Tuesday. Depending on the timing we could be near 90° OR if the front waits even longer…another run of 95-100° is possible. More on that this weekend.

Some relief…back to average is likely this weekend.

The NWS in Pleasant Hill sent out this tweet earlier today talking about the dryness which is again developing in the area.

I will be expanding on this over the weekend…suffice it to say though it’s been a warm start to June. We’re more than halfway done with the month and we’re running almost 5° above average. I see NO chance in the temperatures for the final monthly average to be below average by the end of the month.

Again I’ll be elaborating more on that over the weekend. There may not be a blog on Saturday…with the weather being quiet but there will be at least one over the weekend.

Stay cool and have a great weekend!


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