Oak Grove officers rush to mom’s aid after she gives birth to baby boy on side of highway

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OAK GROVE, Mo. -- A 22-year-old woman's water broke, and within minutes she gave birth in her car. Officers from Oak Grove helped her during the shocking situation.

“I was having contractions on and off that whole day,” said 22-year-old Raven Chambliss, who was due July 4th.

But her bundle of joy came early.

“I was coming from Marshall, Missouri, I was visiting my kids' father,” added Chambliss. “As soon as I called my friend I was like my water broke, and then after that I`m screaming 'he`s coming, he`s coming,' she`s like 'don`t push, don`t push!'”

Chambliss was on her way to the hospital with her 10-month-old daughter when it happened.

“I went to the backseat and he just came out,” Chambliss said, “It was like (snaps) that quick, it happened that quick.”

Chambliss called 911, and dash cam video from Oak Grove Police Officer Andy Anderson shows him arriving minutes after she gave birth to her son, Re’shad.

“As soon as the baby came out, I could see him flying down the hill,” Chambliss added.

“I went to my trunk and I had a towel in my trunk for emergencies, and didn`t know it at the time, but apparently I was humming, went up to the car and around the door and the first thing I see is a baby in the corner of the seat,” said Officer Andy Anderson.

Officer Anderson said the baby wasn`t breathing or moving at first.

“I put the towel around the baby, I grabbed him up, he`s blue, rolled him over, opened his mouth, he had meconium in his mouth, I sweep it out, put the towel on him, and on his chest gave him a little sternum rub,” added Anderson.

Officer Bob Marshall showed up right behind Anderson.

“I noticed the other child in the front seat in a car seat,” said Officer Marshall, “She was sweating and crying, and there was no air conditioning in the car.”

Marshall took her into his car to sit in the air conditioning while this took place. Both officers have kids of their own and have been policemen for 20 years, but both say this is a first.

“It was something I`ll never forget,” Officer Marshall said.

“There`s not a police officer who wouldn`t do the same thing I did,” added Anderson.

Chambliss said she's eternally grateful.

“Thank you, and thanks for staying calm too!” said Chambliss.

Chambliss said her baby is a healthy six pounds and 12 ounces. He will be released from the hospital on Saturday. Both officers hope to meet them again one day, and Chambliss hopes to thank the officers in person.