Police searching for driver who they say refused to stop, crashed into another vehicle, then fled

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Police say the driver of the Lexus ran a red light and collided with another vehicle.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City, Mo., police are searching for a man who they say fled from a traffic stop, hit a vehicle then ran from the scene.

Police say a traffic officer was running traffic enforcement on 71-Highway and attempted to stop a silver Lexus. That vehicle took The Paseo exit kept driving east on 22nd at a high rate of speed. Police say the driver eventually ran a red light and collided with an Oldsmobile.

According to police,  the traffic officer let the car go but kept driving in the same direction as the car. The officer eventually found that car.

Police say the male driver of the Lexus fled toward the railroad tracks following the crash. As of 10 a.m.,  police had set up a perimeter around the area and were still searching for him.

A woman passenger in the Oldsmobile was transported to the hospital.  A man and his two kids were shaken up but unhurt.

A female passenger was transported to the hospital with minor injuries from the Lexus.

A third car also sustained minor damage.

 A man and his two kids were shaken up but unhurt.

A man and his two kids were shaken up but unhurt.

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