Woman describes hearing tree crash down on neighbor’s KC home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman says she is thankful no one was injured when a tree came crashing down on her neighbor's Kansas City, Mo., home early Tuesday morning.

A large Silver Maple came crashing down on a home near 94th and Bristol around 6 a.m., and startled neighbors.

Neighbors tell FOX 4 they heard the crackling and crashing of the tree. One neighbor even says she saw part of the tree crash down into the street.

"It woke me up it was 6 o'clock this morning," neighbor Laura Hill said. "I was sound asleep. Like I said, I'm a pretty light sleeper, but I heard a crackling and the boom, and I jumped out of bed because I knew something was going on."

Hill said she was worried the other part of the tree would fall because it was leaning. Hill told FOX 4 she pounded on her neighbor's door until she got their attention.

"My first concern was their safety," Hill said.

The woman and her daughter who live in the home were able to escape safely.  Hill added that the woman who lives in the home was even able to get her car out of the way of the tree.

The tree, which Kathy Quinn says appeared to be healthy, was completely hollow inside the trunk. Hill told FOX 4 firefighters believed termites may have infested the tree.

"Well he came in and once he looked at the trees he said it was full of termites," the homeowner said. "Yeah, termites and I don't know if that caused it what happened like I said they're really old who knows."