Kansas City man fighting cancer beaten up in his own bedroom; intruders steal money, family heirlooms

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are searching for three intruders who showed a homeowner little mercy when they broke into his home on Kansas City's northeast side early Wednesday morning.

The man was in his bedroom when the three men crept through his unlocked kitchen door and into his home located near North Drury and Norledge.

"I was laying in my bed when they just came into my house from outside. I don`t even know these people," said Jerry Gee.

Jerry Gee, robbed and beaten at his home

Jerry Gee, robbed and beaten at his home

Gee, 48, is battling cancer. The retired landscaper says one man ransacked his home while the other two beat him up, leaving him cut and bruised, with his left eye visibly bloodshot.

"One was holding me down while the other was pounding on me and then the other one started pounding me," he said. "After the first three shots, I don't remember because I got knocked out."

Gee told police the intruders stole $120 from him, his cell phone and several antique hunting knives, which had personal value to him.

"One belonged to my father. One belonged to my grandfather," he said. "Why did they do this? I have no clue."

Gee says in the three years that he has lived in his home, violence has occurred all around him.

"Since the three years I've been here, there's been three people being shot to death in the alley, another stabbing to death and not even a month ago, somebody down the street over here in this next block, that got killed," he said.

The three men are likely in their 20s.

"One had no t-shirt on, just a bunch of tattoos," Gee described.

Another had a grayish color t-shirt and a third was wearing a blue t-shirt.

"I'm pissed as hell," he said and says he's also worried about his kids living in this kind of environment. He has a son, a daughter-in-law, and an 11-year-old grandson. They're now planning to move away from the area.

"No. It's not worth it," he said.