Mother says her disabled daughter was abused at Kansas City daycare facility

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Pam Warner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro mother is angry and wants answers after her disabled daughter said she was abused at an adult day care facility.

Developing Potential, Incorporated (DPI), located at 16th Street and Prospect Avenue, is a day facility that helps people with developmental disabilities work to build their skills.


Kelsey Warner, 26

It is there that 26-year-old Kelsey Warner spent most of her days until Friday, when her mother said she came home with several injuries.

“It makes me feel like I am a bad mother that I didn’t do my job,” Pam Warner said. She said she can not take care of her daughter full-time by herself because she has arthritis.

Warner said she trusted DPI to take care of her daughter while at the adult daycare program. Instead of protecting the disabled and blind woman, Warner says Kelsey was abused.

“She said she wouldn’t get up out of the chair and the caregiver got mad,” Warner said.

Other bruises on Kelsey. Her mother believes she got them at the care center.

Other bruises on Kelsey. Her mother believes she got them at the care center.

It was Friday night when Warner said she got a call from Kelsey’s home healthcare worker who told her that while giving Kelsey a bath, she noticed several bruises on her right buttock.

At first Kelsey told her mom she fell, but when asked what she fell on, Warner said her daughter changed her story.

“At that time, she stated someone at her day program had got upset with her because she wouldn’t stand up and had hit her,” Warner said.

Kelsey’s parents reported their suspicion to the state and made a police report. Warner said she has not called DPI to ask them about the incident, choosing to let the police and state agencies sort out what happened.

Executive Director of DPI Rebecca Case declined FOX 4’s request for an interview, citing patient privacy laws. Instead, Case emailed a statement.

Developing Potential, Inc. is an accredited program that has been providing quality day services to individuals with developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Any complaint or concern that is raised with DPI is taken seriously and investigated according to DPI’s policies and procedures. Pursuant to Developing Potentialits policy, DPI reports all complaints to the appropriate agencies.

The KCPD assault squad is investigating the allegation.