Family still searching for justice one year after mother killed, children wounded

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- One metro family spent the day Wednesday passing out flyers in hopes of finding justice.

Last July, the family was stricken with one heartbreak after another as three family members were shot, and police say they believe the shootings were linked.

They went from door-to-door, and from car-to-car, looking for answers in a 36-year-old mother's death.

Quaushey Harris -Saunders and her seven children were waiting out a storm in the basement of her home one year ago.

Tammy Saunders, the victim's mother, still recalls the day that changed everything.

"They happened to come upstairs to get some of the food that was left over from the 4th of July, and as soon as the lights came on the house was shot up," Tammy said.

Quaushey and her 11-year-old daughter were hit. The child survived.

Just a week earlier, two young men were killed at a duplex across the street, shootings police said were connected, but did not specify how.

Five days later, before the family could even bury Quaushey, shots rang out again. This time, at her sister's home in Kansas City, Kan.

Quauisha Nolen remembers it vividly.

"It was scary to wake up to something like that," Nolan said.

Nolan's 5-year-old daughter was shot, but survived.

The family gathered in the neighborhood where Quaushey was shot for a vigil. Neither of the two young girls who were shot and survived were there. The family said they were too scarred and scared they'd get shot again.

"We just want to stop the chaos and stop the madness, and we want someone to be charged for what happened so we can see why it happened," Tammy said.

The family said they vow to spend every July 6th handing out flyers until they get answers.

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