Gunman remains on the run one year after nearly killing Northland mom and daughter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One year ago, a man shot a mother and teenage girl in their Northland home at point blank range. Against all odds, they both survived. The family and neighborhood is forever changed, still on edge, as the gunman remains on the run.

Police refused to do an interview with FOX 4 about this case. Investigators say there are no new developments. One year has passed and the person responsible has managed to stay a free man.

It’s a neighborhood that will never be the same. The trauma families experienced on Virginia street one year ago today, changed. Neighbors say kids no longer play on the streets, some don’t feel safe in their own home, but none more than Dan Class.

“It still gives me the chills,” Dan Class told FOX 4's Megan Brilley.

He sits in his living room every day and is reminded it’s where his wife and daughter’s blood once covered the walls.

“I'm sitting right now, where it happened. In this very spot,” Class said.

Police say the suspect busted into the Class home and shot both Michelle and 13-year-old Reagan Class at point-blank range. Michelle survived. Doctors said Reagan wouldn’t make it but she beat all the odds. The now 14-year-old is working on getting back to her old self, reading, writing, running and swimming.

“This whole experience, it can break you or it can build you up,” Class said.

But the Class family says it’s hard to not feel broken when the gunman is still on the run. Dan says he thought he would find some closure when the home down the street was raided just days after the shooting. The teens inside were questioned, the gun used in the shooting was found in the home. Dan thought, this is it.

“There's fingerprints there's DNA, there's the weapon found. They have to be so close,” he said.

But no charges were filed. The family hasn’t been seen in the neighborhood, the home is now for sale. Dan strongly believes the teens who lived here know who tried to murder his wife and daughter.

“Draw your own conclusion, the gun was found in the house in neighborhood. It wasn't found in the street or the woods, it was found in someone's home,” Class said.

There is a $10,000 reward out for anyone who has information on this shooting. Call Crimestoppers (816) 474-TIPS.

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