New task force’s investigation leads to numerous child pornography-related charges against KCK man

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A new task force in Wyandotte County says it found thousands of sexual images of children on a man's computer.

Robert Boyce, 29, is behind bars, and facing 18 charges for sexually exploiting children.

That task force is part of a national program called the “Internet Crimes Against Children” or I-CAC.

The task force launched in Wyandotte County in 2015, and this week's case against Boyce is the first that investigators have been able to put together using task force resources and technical training.

Investigators got a search warrant, seized Boyce's computer, and found thousands of pictures and videos, more than 3,000 at this point and still more to count. The district attorney says Boyce didn't have any contact with real children; it was all possession and distribution through file sharing.

“He was not into production, meaning he did produce any of these videos, he did not produce any of the images himself,” DA Jerome Gorman said.

“We did take steps to make sure that one, he wasn't producing and the computer was examined specifically for that, and we also took steps in Mr. Boyce's personal life to make sure there were no children close to him that were in danger,” Sheriff Donald Ash explained.

The sheriff says there are about a dozen more cases the task force is working on. The group is small, in fact, just one detective and others taking on tasks, but they say there is a need here in Wyandotte County.

Boyce made his first appearance in court on July 5, and is due back on July 12. He's being held on a $250,000 bond.

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