Olathe company unveils new active workspace so employees can exercise on the job

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OLATHE, Kan. -- How about a workout at work? One local company had its ribbon cutting on Thursday for its new active workspace for employees to get their exercise on.

TVH in Olathe -- a global material handling and industrial equipment industry -- added treadmill desks and stationary bikes that give employees the opportunity to walk or ride while they work.

Workstations are equipped with phones, laptops and remote access to make moving and working easier.

“I think it`s fantastic, it`s such a nice benefit, and it really is unique because I don`t think a lot of companies have this,” said Lindsay Bohonik.

Employees at TVH are taking advantage of their new active workspace.

“It`s an area where we encourage people to be active while they`re working,” said Els Thermote, the CEO of TVH.

Thermote said they have treadmills and stationary bikes with desks, so people can use them during working hours.

“It`s part of our company culture of encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle,” Thermote added.

They already have a health clinic, on-site gym, yoga classes, and sports teams.

The company health and wellness coach said these types of benefits can keep health care costs down, and give people more energy.

“It can`t be, I want to go do something, and run a marathon, and not do anything for the rest of the year, you`ve got to make it so it`s a lifestyle,” said Lucy Delsarto, the health and wellness coach for TVH.

She said it can increase work productivity, make people happier in general, creating a better work environment.

“It`s very encouraging to come to a workplace where you`re encouraged to get up and walk around, and participate in group activities,” added Delsarto, “People go, wow, I can do this, it`s bite size, I can do it every day.”

“To have this as a benefit for employees to be able to come down, get away from their desk, and not lose time, and still be able to do their job is a tremendous benefit to many employees,” Bohonik said.

Besides having an active workspace-- TVH has won multiple awards from the American Heart Association for its commitment to the health and wellness of its employees.

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