Witnesses describe finding baby in Lawrence dumpster, rushing girl to hospital

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- A 9-month-old baby girl was found in a trash compactor, the discovery was made at about 2:30 on Thursday morning.

“And I heard the crying so I started throwing trash bags off and the baby was in there, and I started screaming ‘it`s a baby!'” Cindy Quick said.

Quick said she could not believe a 9-month-old baby was crying out at her. All day, Lawrence police have been at the Country Club on Sixth apartment complex near Graystone Drive and West Sixth Street trying to get answers about what happened.

“I thought it was a doll, you know, one of those dolls that cry,” Quick said.

But after she got closer to a dumpster just outside her apartment, Quick saw a real baby crying under all the trash bags.

“Screaming! I mean, thank God she had a good set of lungs,” Quick said. “(She was) under four or five trash bags.”

Quick said she immediately yelled to a friend who was visiting.

“I was screaming ‘it`s a baby!’ And that`s when one of my friend`s came running over,” Quick recalled.

Jerrad Jury and his Uncle Bruce worked to free the baby covered by several bags of garbage in the trash compactor. Jury cradled her in his arms.

“I looked at her and held her you could tell instantly she felt relief the little baby did with having somebody there,” Jury said.

But he says he once he got a better look at her, he could tell she needed emergency care.

“She had a lot of dry blood on her nose and you could tell she had a pretty good lump or bump on her head and on her forehead. She had a crater on her head,” he explained.

Jury rushed the baby girl to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Police say the baby suffered possible life-threatening injuries.

“She looked terrified! She had clothes on. She had earring in her ears,” Quick described. “I’m praying that she makes it and comes out okay.”

Another neighbor told FOX 4 he called police on the baby`s father, who left his Jeep Cherokee parked in another section of the complex. Neighbors say the man appeared to be: “high on drugs or intoxicated.”

“There was definitely something wrong, mentally going on with him just from the things he was saying and acting weird,” said a witness who remained anonymous.

Jury said the baby's mother gave him a hug and thanked him while crying when she found out he was the one who drove the baby to the hospital.

Police say the baby is now in serious condition at a Kansas City hospital. Investigators are still questioning her parents, and at this point no one has been charged with anything.

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