Excelsior Springs police share anonymous letter from officer

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- Tensions are palpable, between police and the public all over the country. An Excelsior Springs officer expresses his emotions in an open letter to the community.

The officer wanted to remain anonymous so the department posted the letter on Facebook, catching the attention of the metro.

It begins, "Dear Excelsior Springs citizen, in the wake of recent events I have had time to reflect, reflect on life and reflect on my career…this reflection in this letter to you.”

In the seven paragraph typed open letter, the anonymous officer speaks about his experiences as a cop, the ones that have meant the most to him.

The officer writes, “I enjoy the feeling that I get when I screw in Marion’s light bulb on Excelsior street, and remove the flying and blood sucking bat from Cheryl’s bathroom on Elm Boulevard.

Staff Sgt. Larry Tarrant says the Excelsior Springs department thought this letter was paramount, especially after this past week with tensions flying high between police and communities across the country.

“It's just good to let the community know how we feel about them. I think most cops get into this line of work because we want to help people," Tarrant said. “It's tragic.”

The department has been showing support for Dallas with their badges but one anonymous officer wanted to take it a step further and speak directly to his community.

The officer writes “the goal of this letter is for you to better understand me and my coworkers.”

“I think the people that might not have known previously, the officers they have working in their community, we really enjoy the community. Most of us live here. We have a stake in it.”

The anonymous officer ends the letter by writing, “I want you to trust me, I want you to believe in your police department. I want you to love me.”

“My hope is if they didn't already know that, they do now," Tarrant said.

Read the entire letter here.