Joe’s Weather Blog: Potential heat wave in 1 week (SUN-7/10)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good Sunday morning…this will be the last weather blog (mostly) for awhile. There may be an intermittent blog or two over the next couple of weeks as time permits…but I’m going to somewhat step away from things. With that said I check the weather constantly and will be providing responses as I can on twitter (@fox4wx) and also on my FB page: Joe Lauria Fox 4 Meteorologist

I just don’t know about having the time to sit and research and write for 1-2 hours per day creating a weather blog…so I may use my other platforms to do an occasional weather update.

Since you may be reading this blog in the next several days…I will forgo the usual “forecast” aspect.


Well we had more thunderstorms yesterday. Again we had sunset magic storms as well. For the second day in a row the skies were lit up as the sun was setting by dramatic clouds. So many pictures were emailed in or FB’ed in or tweeted to me. Thanks once again. Much like the previous day’s storms…some got a bunch of rain…over 2″ possibly in southern JOCO. At the station we had a fast 1″+ in the evening. Many others didn’t get a drop of rain.

I tried to show some of the pictures last night on the air…and wish I had more time…but we only had one newscast after a very long baseball game…but again the setting sun and the dramatic nature of the cumulonimbus clouds provided picture takers with lots of great opportunities.

and those were just off my twitter feed!

Amazing clouds/storms/pictures.

This week (7/11-17) will be off and on wet. There will be the opportunity for more locally heavy rains as some may see well over 3″ in places. During this time of the year the atmosphere can load up on moisture rather easily and these storms can be rather efficient rain makers, especially when we have slow moving storms that just dump on some areas.

Watch the gang for daily rain chances and updates. Some severe weather may be possible as well.

Finally the title of the blog…I’m seeing growing evidence that some nasty summer heat will be building in starting the week of the 18th or so. This is typically the hottest time of the year anyway…but there is some growing signs of the “heat wave” generator setting up in the Plains states. How long it stays in place is a bit of a question but there are decent+ signs that there could be about a 5-7 day stretch of above average temperatures…odds favoring in the 95-100° range for several days. Potentially then a breakdown with rain chances returning towards the last week of July (overnight/early morning scenarios again).

So let’s see how this forecast pans out.

OK that’s it for today. Have a great next couple of weeks and I’ll provide some occasional updates on my FB feed. The feature weather blog photo comes from Jeff Rice of Eudora.


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