How NOT to catch a foul ball

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SAN FRANCISCO — Hey, Royals fans. Every time you’re at the K, you no doubt dream about being that lucky fan to snag a foul ball. Well, here’s a tip. Don’t try to catch it with a tray of snacks.

While that may seem like it goes without saying, one Giants fan apparently needed reminding. As a foul ball dropped toward her in Saturday’s Giants game, she raised her tray to catch it… and failed spectacularly.

The fan, who Cut4 tracked down, said she was trying to catch the ball in her cup of beer. Instead, the ball obliterated the cup, and sent her concessions spraying on nearly everyone around her.

While the ball bounced away from her initially, a gracious fellow bystander ended up giving her the ball.

So take note, fans. A baseball glove might be better suited for the job.