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Overland Park city leaders to discuss plans to build new hockey arena and concert venue

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Plans to build a new hockey arena and concert venue in Overland Park are back in the spotlight Monday morning as city leaders discuss how to pay for the project.

The BluHawk  hockey arena is expected to bring thousands of people from out of state to visit south Overland Park once it’s built.

The project was approved last month, now the question is now how to pay for it.

The hockey arena is expected to cost about $63.5 million. Developers want to use $204.7 million in public money in the form of STAR bonds to cover that cost, along with other parts of the project.

While the city council has discussed how to pay for it at previous city council meetings, it is ultimately the state's decision to issue the STAR bonds.

Many people packed last month’s city council meeting where council members approved the entire plan, including three hotels and five parking garages.

The project still faces opposition from some people who say the project is too big and will bring more traffic to the area. There are several groups against using taxpayer money to build the arena, who plan to be at the meeting Monday. That meeting is at 7:30 p.m., in city hall.