Owner cited after Merriam police free dog from hot car in Home Depot parking lot

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MERRIAM, Kan. -- It felt like hours for some standing by, but in a matter of minutes, the Merriam Police Department opened the door of an SUV in the Home Depot parking lot.

Scott Poore was the one who called them.

"I could hear some crying, I at first it sounded like it could be either a person or a dog," Poore said. "It was crying, it was in distress. There was no doubt about that."

Poore said he tried to get Home Depot to alert the store of the situation, but was told they couldn't do that. Although, Home Depot says the manager did alert the store. Instead, Poore said he called police to help.

"I wanted to take the right steps and I wanted to be smart and get the police involved," he said.

Poore says the woman who owned the SUV came out at one point and was upset police were trying to get into her car.

"She knew the dog was in the car," he said.

But police kept working until the moment this puppy was free.

"The dog was awake, but I could tell the dog was incredibly thirsty, was panting heavily, but there wasn't a lot of energy," he said.

The dog went back to its owner. The dog's owner was cited for unlawful treatment of animals and will have to appear in city court.

A representative of the Merriam Police Department told FOX 4's Abby Eden that this kind of thing happens too often, and in their city, several times a summer.