Thief steals expectant mom’s ‘baby bag’ from SUV outside Raytown waterpark

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A woman who is 40 weeks pregnant said someone broke into her SUV on Sunday and stole her bag she packed for the hospital. Ashley Bergen said her car was parked next to Super Splash USA when the theft happened.

"I had a breast pump in there, I had the diaper bag packed and ready to go with our hospital bags with our clothes, my registration paperwork, scrapbook I have been working on and then all the sonogram pictures were in there," Bergen told FOX 4.

Bergen said she came out of the water park to find her window bashed in and her hospital bag stolen. She said she has been lugging the bag around everywhere with her because her due date was last week and she could go into labor at anytime.

"I had paperwork that they had given me with signatures and addresses you know, so it's kind of scary knowing someone knows my baby's name, where I am delivering and who I am," she said. "I hope you were either expecting a baby or enjoy my stuff, I mean apparently you needed it better than I did."

Bergen posted about the incident on social media and she said neighbors stepped in to give her a new breast pump. She said she is getting a new bag together as quickly as possible. She filed a report with the Raytown Police Department.