Video shows Slipknot’s lead singer smack phone out of fan’s hand

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In a video posted to Slipknot’s Twitter account, lead singer, Corey Taylor, can be seen walking to the front of the stage where he reaches his left hand forward and appears to smack the phone out of the hand of a fan in the front row.

The fan can be seen looking down at his phone prior to Taylor walking up. As Taylor gets closer, the fan eventually looks up. It was not clear how long the fan had been looking down at his phone.

After the phone is hit out of his hand, the fan looks down momentarily then looks back up at Taylor and points at the singer.

Taylor later tweeted, “If you’re gonna text, stay home.”

Some social media users expressed criticism towards Taylor’s decision to hit the phone out of the fan’s hand.


Twitter user Alexander Burnett tweeted, “ maybe, but also maybe just call the guy out instead of potentially destroying his phone.”

Taylor quickly responded on Twitter by saying, “…Nope. I like my way better.” He also added in a separate tweet that the fan “totally understood” and they laughed together.

In 2014, Taylor told Team Rock that he makes an effort to squirt water at people who uses their phones while watching Slipknot perform.

The band is currently on tour with Marilyn Manson.

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