Kansas City mom stuck in store’s spin cycle awaiting repairs on faulty washing machine

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With four kids, laundry day is expensive at Tamicka Denson's home. She has so many bags of dirty clothes that by the time wash day rolls around, a trip to the laundromat can cost her $70.

And that's frustrating since Denson has her own washer and dryer sitting in the basement of her Kansas City home. She bought them just a few months ago, but neither of them work.

Denson paid $800 last February for a washer, dryer and a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator. They all came from a used appliance store on 18th Street in Kansas City. She's been living an appliance nightmare ever since.

The stainless steel refrigerator never arrived, so she was given a solid white refrigerator. It was supposed to be a loaner until her's arrived.

But that never happened.

Denson said the washer and dryer started having problems the first time she tried them, which was the day after they were delivered.

She said she immediately called the store -- KDS Enterprise and Appliances. KDS sent out a repair guy who told her the washer had a bad motherboard. Denson demanded a replacement or her money back. But the owner, Kim Staten, refused.

"She said 'I'm not giving you no money'" Denson recalled. "'I told you I was going to get you the stuff. It's just taking me awhile.'"

KDS has only been open a year, according to state records. It has already racked up an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau because of six unresolved complaints.

Owner Kim Staten has a troubling past. She's been convicted of stealing more than $25,000 from the owner of a Kansas City starch manufacturer where she once worked. A judge sentenced her to seven years, but said she could stay out of jail if she repaid the money she stole. She did and the probation ended this month.

Denson wants her money back as well or the appliances she paid for.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers paid a visit to KDS Appliances where we met Staten and asked her about Denson's appliances..

"What happened with the refrigerator she picked out? The guy working on it went to jail. That's what happened," Staten told us.

But she said he is now out of jail. She promised us the refrigerator and a working washer would be arriving at Denson's home the very next day. But they didn't.

In fact three weeks later, Denson still didn't have the appliances she paid for three months earlier.

Staten finally agreed to give Denson $100 in cash back for her trouble and delivered another used white refrigerator to her home since the loaner was no longer staying cold.

As far as the washer and dryer, Problem Solvers found another company to help Denson who had grown tired of waiting for KDS Appliances to make good on its promises.

Staten still insisted to us that she runs an honest business and has a slew of happy customers.

"I did nothing wrong," Staten told us. "I'm not here to try to hurt nobody. I'm not doing anything wrong."

But as we left her store, another unhappy customer flagged us down.

"I was trying to get your attention," said Rochelle Curtis who helped her mother buy a washer and dryer that she said stopped working the week after she purchased it. She said her mother tried complaining to KDS but was never able to get anyone to even answer the phone.

"People need to be aware of what she's selling there," Curtis said. "It's wrong."

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