Police investigating after mom says young son scaled fences at Overland Park daycare near busy intersection

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Overland Park police are looking into a report of neglect at La Petite Academy after a 6-year-old boy tried to run away from the facility.

Alicia Henshaw says her son Aaden was in a very dangerous situation Wednesday morning while at the academy. She said while he was on the playground, he climbed two wrought iron fences and ran away from the daycare facility located at College Boulevard and Antioch Road.

Henshaw became emotional watching the cars fly by the busy intersection where she said her son headed after climbing the fences meant to keep the children at La Petite Academy safe.

“One was probably about a four-foot fence, the other one was probably about an eight-foot fence, and they are vertical bars, they are not horizontal," Henshaw described.

She believes it took her son quite some time to scale the fencing, and the teacher supervising the playground should have noticed the boy before he got out.

"Obviously the teacher did not pay close enough attention to my child, and that’s concerning because it could happen to anybody’s child," she said.

The teacher was able to catch Aaden before he made it to the street, but as a result, Henshaw said her son was asked not to come back to the program.

"They said he is a safety risk and we can't have a child like this climbing fences and getting out," Henshaw said, "because it poses a safety risk not only to him but to the other children, because then the teacher has to leave them to retrieve my child.”

The director of that La Petite Academy location, Sarah Jones, could not comment, but the director of communications sent an email stating:

"The safety and well-being of our children is our top priority.

Yesterday, a school-aged child became belligerent and attempted to leave our playground. The teacher followed our procedures and redirected the child to rejoin the rest of the group. The child never left school property. We’ve addressed the situation with those directly involved.

We can’t share additional details due to privacy constraints. Rest assured we take any reported concern seriously, investigate it, and take appropriate action as needed."

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