Family of inmate seeking medical help for injuries allegedly caused by police considers hiring new attorney to fight case

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LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. -- For two years, Anthony Contreras has been living with the consequences of a run in with the Kansas City police. Contreras attempted to flee police as they raided his home. He was shot in the face by an officer waiting out back.

The officer told investigators he thought Contreras had a gun. Contreras didn't. But ever since that day, Contreras has had to undergo a series of surgeries to rebuild his jaw. In April, Contrearas filed a civil suit against the officer who shot him. But as that case awaits trial, family members worry that Contreras is no longer getting the medical attention he needs. That's because Contreras was recently rearrested and is back behind bars in Lafayette County.

He's been charged with multiple felonies including fleeing from a police officer and trying to escape by driving the wrong way on the highway with a child in the car.

"Obviously he isn't living the best life," said Angela Williams who is related to Contreras through marriage. "But I think just because you make mistakes in doesn't define you as a person and doesn't mean you should be neglected of medical treatment."

Fox 4 was able to review Contreras medical records through the help of a confidential source. The records show that a metal plate had come loose from Contreras jaw and needs to be reattached. Although the condition is painful, the doctor who examined Contreras determined it is not life threatening. The Lafayette County Sheriff told Fox 4 that an inmate would have to have a life threatening condition before the jail would agree to hospitalize him.

The sheriff said the other problem limiting Contreras' ability to get the additional medical care he wants is that he is considered a risk to the public. He's being held on $100,000 cash bond. The Contreras family agreed Contreras has his share of problems, but said no one deserves to be in constant pain. The family is considering hiring a new attorney to fight for his care behind bars.

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