Family video provides clue for son to find dad’s long lost ’85 Royals World Series ring

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Lost and found, but not without a lot of heartache in between.

Former Kansas City Royal Jerry Terrell lost his 1985 World Series ring last Fall while taking family photographs at a Blue Springs park. Terrell said he was throwing leaves around with his grandchildren. He said it was the next day he noticed his ring was missing from his finger.

"I had given up, I honestly had given up... I said you know, it's gone, "Terrell said. "I just consoled myself with that is a fond memory that I am never going to see again."

Terrell played for the Royals between 1978 and 1980. After that, he became an advanced scout and earned one of the World Series rings in 1985.

Terrell said he and his wife searched for the ring for months, but he finally came to the conclusion that it was gone forever. He said this month a miracle happened. His son, Jim, was looking through a family video from that Fall day at the park and noticed the ring on his father's hand in some parts but not in others. The video led Jim to believe the ring was still at the park. Terrell said his son mentioned wanting to buy a metal detector to search for it.

"[I said] Jim, that's like looking for a needle in a haystack you're not going to find that, it was November and now it's July," he said.

Without Terrell's knowledge, Jim went to search anyways. After looking for the precious ring for one hour he found it buried several inches into the ground. It was the perfect gift for his father's 70th birthday this week.

Terrell said it was a gift from the lord above.

"He is God and that is what made it all different for me, I am so excited that he and his kind mercy and grace allowed me to have this back again," he said.

Terrell said the ring is special, but not near as special as the effort his son put into finding it.

"As much as I love this thing, it's still a thing," he said. "It can't compare with the love our whole family has together, he has blessed me so much."

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