Sewage flows into Brush Creek after pipe breaks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Water crews worked overnight to replace a broken pipe that caused sewage to flow into Brush Creek, but it could take several days before their work is finished.

The 72-inch sewer main at Emanual Cleaver and Elmwood on Kansas City's east side collapsed around 3:45 p.m., Thursday.

The pipe carries rain runoff and waste from area homes to the wastewater plant to be cleaned.

When the pipe broke, the wastewater began flowing into Brush Creek - at a rate of 500 gallons a minute.

Crews have since stopped the flow by installing a bypass pump. Hoses are taking the sewage to a nearby manhole and dumping into another sewer main.

Crews then poured concrete into the broken pipe to seal it off and keep wastewater from flowing back at them. Now they are beginning the process of replacing this section of broken pipe.

Water officials say the sewer pipe was more than 50-years old.


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