Trump campaign releases new logo with simpler design after ridicule

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Donald J. Trump campaign

The new logo, from the Donald J. Trump campaign

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s campaign unveiled Saturday a modified version of its Trump-Pence logo after the original graphic drew a lot of unintended attention.

During Trump’s official introduction of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, the campaign adorned a fundraising email with a simple “TRUMP” atop a “PENCE,” ditching an American flag-inspired interlocking T and P logo that attracted the attention of Trump critics and supporters alike.

The original logo, from the Donald J. Trump campaign

The original logo, from the Donald J. Trump campaign

The campaign shared the original graphic in an email soon after making public Trump’s choice Friday in a series of social media posts, emails and text messages. In the original insignia, the “T” in Trump passes through the “P” in Pence as part of a flag illustration. Their names were stacked below on top of Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Instantaneously, Twitter users began ridiculing the logo.

A message left by CNN with the Trump campaign Saturday was not immediately returned.

Former Michigan Rep. John Dingell, a Democrat with a famously wry Twitter account, offered one of the first of many puzzled reviews.

“What is the T doing to that P?” he asked.

Florida congressman and Senate candidate Alan Grayson, a Democrat, volunteered an off-color suggestion.

“This logo accurately represents what Trump Pence will do to America,” he tweeted.

And Bloomberg’s Matt Negrin did his best to make the logo “safe for TV.”

By Saturday morning, Trump’s campaign website was using the new logo. The old one does not appear anywhere on the site.

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

For the many NSFW takes on Trump and Pence’s branding, simply search Twitter.

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