Chiefs equipment manager shows that packing for training camp is no simple task

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With this heat throughout the metro, fall might seem far away, but that's not stopping the Chiefs from getting ready for the upcoming season.

FOX 4's Matt Stewart headed to St. Joseph to get an inside look as the Chiefs gear up for training camp.

It's an annual rite of summer, as the Chiefs prepare for training next week. That means packing up a lot of gear.

Allen Wright, Chiefs Head Equipment Manager said he feels like their crews are packing up everything but the kitchen sink.

"If we needed one, I'd take one. I promise you," Wright joked. "Fortunately for us, we have a tremendous facility up there to use, so they have plenty of kitchen sinks so that's one thing I don't have to take."

Wright has been doing for 33 years, so at this point, he knows the drill.

"That's allowed me to make a lot of mistakes and hopefully fine tune this, that we don't have as many mistakes anymore."

There's a lot more that goes into packing for training camp than just bringing the standard gear. On top of the footballs, helmets, jerseys, pads, there are a lot of things you might not expect.

"We have to take all kinds of different shoes for different conditions. We take anything that we anticipate they might need, and not having something is really not an option," Wright said.

One thing the team needs a lot of: gum.

"Gum is huge. Believe it or not, it's one of the more popular items everyday," Wright said. "We're actually taking 19,200 pieces of gum."

But even after more than three decades at this job, Wright admits there are still times he has had to run out and buy things that the team needed.

"I have ran and bought socks, where we actually ran out of socks. A company that was supposed to deliver the socks, didn't get delivered, so I ran to Dick's and bought as many pairs of socks as I could buy. There are things like that that happens, but fortunately it happens behind the scenes, and none of the players or coaches ever knew. So when an equipment manager does his job right, he's going to make mistakes, but knowing how to cover them up right is probably more important," Wright said.

Wright's crew will take the entire weight room, computer equipment, and everything from every locker. Even the pictures posted in the lockers will be brought along, just so that the players can feel right at home.

It will take four days of packing and ten fully-loaded trucks to get everything the team needs to the camp.

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