For Wyandotte Co. deputy who nearly died in shooting, loss of KCK officers is especially difficult

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- There is a saying in the law enforcement community: “When one of us falls, the rest of us stumble.”

But for Wyandotte County Deputy Scott Wood, it is especially difficult.

He says but for the grace of God, his name could have easily been added to the sheriff’s department memorial in front of the Wyandotte County Courthouse, just as fallen officers Captain Dave Melton and Detective Brad Lancaster’s names will be added.

“It was hurtful, it was painful, it was sorrowful."

That is how Deputy Wood described the moment he learned that yet another law enforcement brother had been killed in the line of duty.

"When we put on that uniform we are still human, but we have a job to do and we have to do it,” said Wood.

Too often people don't look past the uniform or behind the badge to realize there is a person in there who is just doing a job they are called to do. As Wood says, "Even though you see us in a uniform, we are still somebody’s father, somebody’s husband, somebody’s son, wife, daughter, mother, aunt or uncle. You cut us open, we are going to bleed.”

He says he did not choose to be a law enforcement officer, but rather, the job chose him.

"And taking that risk that if we walk out that door and we go do our job, we may not walk through it that night,” Wood said.

He didn’t walk through his door one night 16 months ago. During a robbery at a Kansas City, Kan., convenience store, Deputy Wood was shot seven times, once in the head.

It was bad. Wood’s wife Staci had to sign a “Do not resuscitate” order because Deputy Wood would not make it.

"I have that survivor’s guilt," said Wood as his voice cracked and his eyes welled up with tears.

He deals with that guilt, and at the same time is thankful that he made it out alive. Wood says,

“God has a plan for my life, I don’t know what that plan is yet. I know I am still going to be a cop, I am still going to do my job,” he explained.

After fighting for his life for 15 days, Deputy Wood walked out of the hospital and went home.

“But that doesn’t make me feel any better knowing that I am still here, and that Brad and Dave are gone. It hurts," said wood when talking about the fallen officers.

He and Staci would go back to the hospital for several surgeries and when they heard the officers were down, because Wood said those officers were there for him when he fell.

“I prayed for both of them on the way to the hospital. God save them just like you did me. Allow them to go home to their families like you did me, but God had a different plan for their lives. I was honored to know both of them. For truly they are two of the greatest men that I have ever known,” he said.

Anyone who knows him knows that he is a born again Christian. He calls his recovery a miracle and it was his faith in God and the support of those around him that pulled him through.

Wood said Wednesday morning he ran across a very special and appropriate message that he wanted to share, which he believes is the key to peace.

It reads: “The mountains shake before you, the demons run and flee at the mention of the name, King of Majesty. There is no power in hell or any who can stand in the power and the presence of the great I AM.”

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