WATCH: Pitcher takes 105 mph line drive to the head, stays in the game

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PITTSBURGH — It’s every pitcher’s nightmare: a batter’s line drive careening right toward your head at blistering speed.

In the second inning of Tuesday’s Pirates-Brewers game, Pittsburgh’s Jameson Taillon lived that nightmare as Milwaukee’s Hernan Perez smacked a laser beam drive right toward the young pitcher.

Although Taillon attempted to duck out of the way, he could not avoid the ball, which came off the bat at 105 mph and hit him in the head.

There was an audible groan from the crowd as the ball bounced off his head and into left field for a hit.

Even the commentators were largely speechless as medical staff rushed to the 24-year-old pitcher, now lying on the ground.

It was a heart-stopping moment as Taillon went down to the ground, but miraculously, he was back on his feet moments later.

Not only was he able to get back up, he stayed in the game.

“I’ve got chills right now. This is, this is amazing,” one commentator said.

Trainers examined him for several minutes, before giving him the all clear. Then, Taillon went back to work.

“I saw it coming at me, turned from it and remember going down,” Taillon told ESPN. “I could feel it on my head a little bit, but I remained conscious. I saw where the play went. I answered all the questions they asked me. I wanted to get up quicker than I was able to. I remember it pretty clearly.”

We’re not sure if the pitcher is just extremely lucky, or just has a very hard head. But one thing is clear, Taillon himself is grateful he was able to get back up and keep playing the game.

Taillon went on to allow only one run in six total innings as the Pirates went on to win the game, 3-2.

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