With a badge nowhere to be found, armed police impersonator gives metro man a fright

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man was on his way to work Wednesday morning when he thought a police officer was pulling him over, but instead it was an armed police impersonator and he quickly realized he could be in danger.

Braving morning rush hour, Dany Alzubbi was on his way to work. He was driving along Interstate 70 West, when he noticed a car zooming in and out of traffic behind him.

"I thought maybe it was a detective on the way to a scene, because the car is unmarked and had minimal lights," Alzubbi recalled.

But then the silver Crown Victoria slowed down behind Dany's car. He didn't know why he was being pulled over, but he stopped anyway.

"Comes up to my window and says, 'hey, buddy, I need you to slow it down,'" Alzubbi said.

He noticed the officer didn't have on a uniform. His badge was nowhere to be found, but Alzubbi said the man was holding a gun in his hand.

"I asked him are you are you a real police officer? He said you don't need to worry about that, just hang tight. I was not gonna hang tight."

Alzubbi drove away, fearing his safety and pulled out his phone.

"He comes up next to me, passes me. I decide I'm gonna get behind him and get his tag," he said.

Alzubbi started recording the car, shouting out his license plate in a panic.

"Once he noticed I was taking a video, he slammed on his breaks, in the video you can hear breaks, tires screeching," Alzubbi said.

Alzubbi says the man took the immediate exit, disappearing from view.

"It happened so fast."

Alzubbi posted pictures he took of the incident on Facebook. Dozens of people responded, saying the same car and same man has tried pulling them over, too.

"It kind of makes me wonder how long has he been doing this? How many people has he pulled over, and gotten away with it?" Alzubbi said.

KCPD and surrounding agencies are searching for the man. If you're ever not sure about a car that's pulling you over, call 911. If you have any information on this impersonator, call 911.

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