KCK Police Captain Dave Melton’s memory honored in ways big and small throughout metro

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- People all over the metro are finding ways, big and small, to honor Captain Robert "Dave" Melton and local police departments. Mostly complete strangers, showing police officers everywhere they're appreciated.

In a restaurant packed with people, long wait times and full tables, there is one that will remain empty for a special soul: Captain Melton.

"We do wanna honor our families our police and fire department for the job they do risking their lives," Mark Stehle said.

It's become a tragic tradition at Texas Roadhouse. Manager Stehle wishes it wasn't so common, that his restaurant has a table reserved for a fallen officer.

"I hope eventually we can stop putting the table up," Stehle said.

Adorned with a single rose, flag and a single lit candle, Captain Melton's memory has found a home inside this restaurant and every time someone walks by, they think of him.

Miles across the metro, more signal of support, wrapped in blue ribbon.

"I was encouraged," said John Lafferty.

Lafferty noticed these blue ribbons on his way to work at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. Someone anonymously tied them around trees before deputies opened their eyes.

"When I saw the ribbons I was actually pretty touched. It was neat to see the support coming into the community," Lafferty said.

"We're in this together, not only as police officers, we're in this together as a community."

The table will continue to be reserved for Captain Melton, until after his funeral.