Victim left in critical condition from shooting that happened near KCK vigil site

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Police are investigating a shooting that happened just a mile away from where they were gathered to remember a fallen officer on Wednesday night.

Officers sprinted from a vigil for slain Captain Dave Melton to the crime scene.

Just before 9 p.m., KCK officers were notified an older Hispanic male had been shot in the head standing on his porch on 16 North Baltimore.

Two males were seen running from the scene in opposite directions, and at one point SWAT was called out thinking one might have gone in a home, but that quickly discovered not to be the case. Police are still looking for those suspects.

But after just attending Melton’s vigil, an officer FOX 4’s Dave D’Marko spoke with said it was certainly wasn`t lost on anyone the similarities between this shots fired call, and the search for suspects, than the one that ended up costing Captain Melton his life.

“It`s one of the things we are not taught from the beginning, you are taught to expect that one percent of the time that something bad is going to happen, unfortunately the last two months we are reminded what that one percent is, and we are definitely taking steps and looking over our shoulder a little more often,” Officer Tom Tomasic said.

As of Wednesday night, the victim was at a hospital in critical condition.