Allen Wright: Keeping the Chiefs geared up for 33 years

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, Mo. begins on Tuesday. That's the mandatory day for rookies, quarterbacks, and a few select veterans to report to camp.

But while they're getting ready for the hard work ahead, another man has been sweating it out for the past week.

Chiefs Equipment Manager Allen Wright has getting everything ready for the camp. That means moving some gear. A lot of gear.

PackingĀ up an NFL locker room requires more than just two men and a truck.

"I have literally 45 people here today. I have 10 in my own staff plus all the people from Fry-Wagner," Wright said.

Alan Wright is the Chiefs head equipment manager. The leader of the pack, or packing.

"You always as equipment manager, you know, can never run out of anything. So you're always going to take more than you need," Wright said.

The Chiefs' master mover and his staff filled 10 semi trucks with over 200,000 pounds of equipment. Everything from IT, to towels, to apparel.

"We have tight fit; we have loose fit; we have tights; you know, all sorts of different products that we didn't have 15 years ago," Wright said.

Don't forget the basics: 90 helmets, 90 sets of pads, and lots of shoes -- about 600 pairs.

"The regular tennis shoe that we use for walk-throughs; if it's a grass shoe we'll use for football. The shoes are always the thing that are the most popular," Wright said.

And something to chew on too.

"I take 19,200 pieces of gum. You know, I mean you can't run out of gum," he laughed.

Wright should know. This will be his 33rd training camp.

"We've kind a got it down pretty good, you know after 33 years."

Wright was hired by the Chiefs in 1983. He's worked for nine head coaches.

"It's been extremely humbling for me to be one of the few people left over that period of time. I'd like to stand here and tell yet because I'm the best equipment manager in the National Football League, but I think there's a lot of luck been involved in it as well," Wright said.

Former head coach Herm Edwards knows that for Wright, all that time spent with the Chiefs has only made him better at his job.

"He understands the history of the Chiefs," Edwards said. "You know, he was there a long time as an assistant guy. I remember him running around as a little guy. So he understands the history of it. He understands how to deal with players. Whatever player needs for him to play well when it comes to uniform Allen's going to make sure he has it."

And he makes sure Andy Reid gets what he wants too.

"The best I've ever worked for," Wright said of head coach Andy Reid. "He's a good person, and that makes our job way, way easier."

It's a big job, and Allan Wright will make sure everything is ready to go when the Chiefs arrive in St. Joe.

In his 33 years with the team, Wright has also helped the team pack for trips to Germany, Mexico, Japan, and the U.K.

Only former players Len Dawson and Gary Spani have been with the franchise longer.

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