Firefighters respond to house fire at 59th Terrace

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A house fire in Kansas City wasn't the only heat firefighters had to contend with Sunday. The summer temperatures provided an additional challenge as fire crews worked to extinguish the flames at a home on 59th Terrace.

Fire crews told FOX 4's Megan Dillard working in these hot summer conditions is like putting on a winter coat, grabbing heavy gear and running around outside.

With all of their protective gear and lugging equipment around, heat exhaustion can become a real threat.

"Basically what all these guys are wearing, you can see their outfits, it's about another 50 pounds worth of gear," Battalion Chief John Baker said.

Baker said with today's heat, he's grateful it only took crews about 15 minutes to put out the house fire.

Zach Harrison and his family were walking their dog through the neighborhood around 10:30 a.m. when he noticed smoke coming from the residence, and called 911.

"As soon as we went up to the front door, we could see flames on the left side of the house through the front door window," Harrison explained.

"The fire was just inside on the stairwell ... on the first floor," Baker said.

Neighbors told fire crews the homeowners were away for the weekend. No one was there when firefighters busted in.

Baker is glad there were no injuries and his crews got the job done quickly.

The fire department will reach out to that family to let them know about the incident at their home.

Baker also noted that he keeps a close eye on the weather. Preparing for extreme heat is all part of getting ready at the beginning of a shift.

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