Local college student pays for tuition with “cool” new business

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- While most college kids take a break over the summer, one metro student is spending the hot months earning money to help pay for his classes. A young Northland entrepreneur probably appreciates ice more than anyone.

Patrick Revnew didn't know his childhood love for cold, icy drinks would one day open the door to his future. The Mizzou sophomore just turned 20. He's back home for the summer working; for himself.

"It pays for some of my college. It's a good job all the way around. I love doing it." The student waited tables, saved his money, and bought a trailer. "We decided to buy a unit, and we fixed it up completely from the inside out."

He and a friend now have two locations and are working on a third.

"Instead of just focusing on one shave ice stand, why not make a business of it?" Revnew said.

He said you shouldn't confuse shaved ice with the more familiar snow cone.

"Shave ice is actually shaven through a blade so it comes out a lot softer," Revnew said.

He added his summers running Hawaiian Ice are prepping him for the rest of his career.

"I want to be my own boss when I grow up so I guess this is a good way to get into it," Revnew said.

He's hired his 16-year-old brother, and they're also working to teach their little sister about business; a process Revnew has learned a lot about.

"We had to get our health permit, our business license, you have to do a sales tax bond," Revnew said. "There's so much more to running a business than just going in and doing it. It's a fun business. We like selling to all the kids. That's why we do it."

The student also uses his business to hold a fundraiser each year for an event at the church he and his family attend.

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