Local golfer competing against the pros for 1 of 10 LPGA cards available for 2017 season

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Golfers from around the world are in Kansas City this weekend.

144 women from 30 countries are competing at Staley Farms for one of the ten LPGA cards available for the 2017 season.

"It’s wonderful to have it at Staley Farms,” tournament director Pat Riha said. “This is one of the best golf courses in KC, and the community has just embraced it up here. It’s been tremendous support."

Fox 4's Carey Wickersham caught up with a local favorite who is happy to be playing in the tournament.

Carmen Titus played high school golf in Lee’s Summit, and she played on Rockhurst's college team. Technically, she was included in her first professional tournament because she works at Staley farms.

"I just feel honored to tee it up with these girls," Titus said.

But she's got game, and her current claim to fame is: she has the most fans on the course.

"It’s only because I know everyone out here," Titus said.

Her stanchest supporter is her caddy, who she got to pick.

"My wife has caddied for her a couple of times so I'm not sure where we stack up, but I grabbed the bib and said I'm in," her dad, Gary, said.

The job description includes 54 holes in three days.

“He doesn't say much,” Titus said. “He is like a pack mule"

Her dad told FOX 4 his job is to keep his mouth shut and hand her whatever club she wants. He adds that over the years, the game of golf has brought the Titus family a lot of friendly competition.

"I let him win every once in a while so at least he will still go out there with me,” Titus said.

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