Armed robbers blindside Kansas City family, pointing a gun at daughter’s head during robbery

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A trip to the store to get a jug of milk turned violent for a Kansas City mother and daughter, who were roughed up and robbed by two armed men just outside their home.

The terrifying encounter happened late Sunday night near East 16th Street and Oakley Avenue on the city's East side.

The victim's family speaks Spanish, and came to America 12 years ago from Honduras. They shared their frightening story with FOX 4 with the help of a translator.

“They had my daughter at point blank range to kill her,” said Sonia Hernandez. “We almost lost our daughter for something so trivial. It's not fair. People work too hard to have that happen to them.”

Hernandez and her 16-year-old daughter, Jessica, were still shaken Monday as they relived the horror they experienced the night before.

They had walked to a nearby QuikTrip to buy a jug of milk, and when they got back to their front porch, they were blindsided by two armed robbers.

“They grabbed me by my back and grabbed my daughter by her hair,” Hernandez said.

“They threw her on the ground and pointed a gun toward her, and when I told them, ‘Please don`t hurt her,’ they hit me in my lip.”

Hernandez said the blow knocked her to the ground. As she lay there with her daughter on the sidewalk, she began to cry.

“They told me to, ‘Shut up!’ using ugly language and kept saying ‘Give me money! Give me money!'”

Hernandez said the duo threatened to shoot her teenage daughter dead if she didn't hand over her remaining cash.

“They said if we got up, they would shoot us as they ran off. That is the most horrible thing I’ve ever been though, knowing they could have killed her.”

It was a violent robbery that's now left Hernandez’s family feeling unsafe in their own neighborhood – and sparked a plea to their community to come together to catch these criminals.

“If you see something, please tell police,” Hernandez said. “We can work with the police to get these bad guys so it doesn`t happen again.”

The robbers are described as black, wearing dark clothing and toting a silver pistol. Hernandez said they smelled like marijuana and she believes they might have been high during the robbery.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

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