Buyers in process of renovating Kansas City homes they bought for one dollar

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Work is underway to renovate the first 40 homes sold by the Land Bank of Kansas City for a dollar each.

The agency approved the sale of the homes back in May, but many buyers just took possession within the last week.

At 31st and Olive, one family is in a race against the clock to get their new house repaired.

As part of the dollar home deal, buyers have 120 days to correct code violations on the exterior of each house.

But before Jamaica Collins can start fixing things like the eaves and soffits, she had to be able to get to the structure. Since she closed on the sale last week, her family has been working to remove trees and overgrown brush that prevented many people from seeing that there was a house on the lot.

"Once we get that taken care of, we can get it secured," Collins said. "Then we will work on the eaves, the soffits, the paint. Anything else that’s falling down, the windows, that kind of thing. Our biggest thing is to get it secured and get the yard and grass to look neat and nice."

Once exterior violations are corrected, the city will remove the Dangerous Building designation. Collins says the Land Bank told her she can request an extension to the 120 day deadline if the family discovers unforeseen problems.

Although the Collins' say they've only spent $167 so far to buy the property, they expect to spend between $60,000 and $70,000 to make it their dream home and an anchor for a neighborhood on the rebound.