FOX 4 Problem Solvers tackle a trio of troubles, with fixes forthcoming

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The tree of Bales Avenue in Kansas City appears to have a hole nearly all the way through the center of its trunk. It's not dying, but it looks like death could be on its way.

Neighbor George Sales would like the tree gone. He said every time the wind blows he worries the tree, which towers above his home, will fall.

"Children go through there a lot and if it falls, it could hurt somebody," said the 89-year-old Sales. "It's a dangerous tree."

The tree is rooted in the backyard of a home whose owner has long disappeared. The house is now boarded up and in the possession of Kansas City's Land Bank, which would like to sell it for back taxes.

Sales lives on Askew Avenue -- the next block over. He's been in the house more than 60 years. It's where he raised his four children with the help of his late wife. He's called a manager at the Land Bank to report the tree, but nothing ever happens.

"If that tree was in his neighborhood, he would think it was dangerous. Stevie Wonder can see it's dangerous," said Sales with a laugh.

It was frustration that prompted Sales to call FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help.

We called KCP&L , a company that we thought might really care about this problem because if the tree falls, it could take power lines with it.

A KCP&L spokeswoman promised to look into it. We also called the Land Bank. A manager there also promised to take a second look at the not-so-healthy tree.

Then came the good news. KCP&L and the Land Bank decided to work together to solve this problem. KCP&L plans to cut the tree down and the Lank Bank will remove the wood. But until that happens, this is a problem solvers in the works.

That's not the only good news; Problem Solvers recently shared a story about two moms and the super heroes who were no shows at their sons' birthday parties. After viewers heard the story, they reached out to help. We heard from two companies and a non-profit organization wanting to give the children a special day full of super heroes. The moms are still looking for a place to hold the party. We'll let you know how it all works out.

And remember that Northland house where junk cars were piling up and the yard was out of control? A few days after that story aired on FOX 4, the renter showed up and started removing the vehicles. And the yard got a new trim both front and back. Here's hoping this problem will soon be solved.