911 call prompts dispatcher to do act of kindness

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HARTFORD, Conn. — People typically call 911 when they are faced with an emergency.

Recently in Connecticut, a worker who answers those calls went the extra mile for an elderly woman, WTIC reports.

Although many would not consider the elderly woman’s situation an emergency, Katherine Grady made sure the woman got the help she needed.

“If they’re calling 911, it’s an emergency to them, so it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big,” Grady told WTIC.

Grady told WTIC the woman said neighbors typically helped her out with things around the house, but recently they’ve been tied up with their own family emergencies, and she was having trouble getting her garbage barrels down to the end of her driveway.

“That’s such an easy thing, and a lot of people that call in here it’s not something you can fix over the phone, we get you the people that you need, like we’ll get you fire, police, EMS, all three if you need it, but it’s not usually us personally that fixed the problem, but for something so simple like that it was easier to just do it myself,” Grady told WTIC.

Grady told WTIC the woman was relieved when she agreed to help.

And at a time when tensions between police departments and the community are high, Grady told WTIC her motivation was the elderly woman’s memories of a friendlier time.

WTIC reports the elderly does have family out of state, but that she has been in touch with a local in-home assistance program to help her keep up on these kinds of daily tasks.