Children removed from Lexington, Mo. home, mom arrested for endangerment

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Jaimie Taylor

LEXINGTON, Mo. — A 30-year-old mother is charged in Lafayette County, mo., with endangering the welfare of a child after police and a child services employee say they found the woman’s home dangerous to children and say she tested positive for meth.

According to the probable cause statement, a Division of Family Services employee went into Jaimie Taylor’s home and saw three children in the home, surrounded by piles of clothing, toys, and the housing smelling of dog feces, which Taylor said she had just cleaned up. The DFS employee sad the water had recently been shut off at the home.

When the DFS employee went into the kitchen, she found the kitchen had been burned in a ‘pretty big fire.’ Even though Taylor had claimed to be asleep when the DFS employee arrived, the stove was on in the kitchen.

The DFS representative went to look in the bathroom and saw that Taylor was using a pizza box as a toilet lid.  The toilet was full of feces and urine and there was a bucket in the hall that had what appeared to be urine in it.  When asked about it, Taylor said one of her kids probably pee’d in it ‘like he does everything.’

Taylor was questioned about several bags around the home, and the DFS employee said Taylor claimed they belonged to people who would stay with her on occasion.

Taylor submitted to a chemical drug test of her urine and tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines.

The three children were removed from the home to stay with a family friend.