Cozmo: A little robot with big personality

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Cozmo is a tiny toy robot with a lot of personality - and he's coming soon!

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Humans (including myself!) have been obsessed with the idea of robots for years. Robots that clean your house, robots to play with, robot butlers, Rosie the robot... you get the idea. So far there hasn't been one breakout star (OK, maybe Teddy Ruxpin when I was a kid) but that could all change with a tiny toy robot named Cozmo.

He's the latest project from a company called Anki. They blend artificial intelligence with technology to come up with some pretty cool stuff. Their last toy was app-enabled smart race cars called OVERDRIVE and they stole the show at the Apple event I went to where they first shown off.

Cozmo is small but packed with personality. He learns to become your friend from the moment you take him out of the box. You can play games with him, tease him, joke around and more. He will get smarter and be able to accomplish tasks the more you interact with him.

He looks like a character straight out of a kid's movie - think Pixar. That's exactly the point. Anki says he's basically an animated character come to life. All you need is your smartphone and an app to take care of him.

Cozmo is available for pre-order right now for $160 and will be available in October.