Despite tragedy, families flock to Schlitterbahn as park reopens in limited capacity

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Schlitterbahn reopened Wednesday at noon, and there was no shortage of visitors. Parents and families decided to spend the day at the park despite the tragic death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on Sunday.

The main parking lot near the entrance filled up, and many parents say while what happened was horrible, the tragic accident didn`t stop them from bringing their kids to the water park.

"I asked the kids what they wanted to do for the thing to do before summer was over, before school started, and they wanted to come to a water park, so that`s why we’re here," said Monda Reynolds.

Reynolds, her kids, and their friends came from Warrrensburg to spend the day at Schlitterbahn.

"We were supposed to come yesterday, but luckily all their friends were able to come today," added Reynolds.

She said she heard about the terrible news about Schwab having a fatal neck injury here, and feels terrible for the family.

"That`s awful, that`s scary, that`s terrible... my kids are about the same age so, it hit home," added Reynolds.

But it didn`t dissuade her from coming.

"We already had our tickets, and it`s what they wanted to do," Reynolds said.

Other parents said they were a little on edge.

"I think we`re going to avoid a lot of the big stuff, just because I`m paranoid," said Jessica Perrett.

Perrett said she won free tickets and her kids have been looking forward to coming for weeks.

"I was terrified, I didn`t really want to come, but I couldn`t hardly get out of it," Perrett added, "We`re just going to try and enjoy every bit of it...We were originally supposed to come on Tuesday, school starts this Friday, so it was either today or tomorrow, and that was our last options, and our tickets expire on the 14th, so here we are!"

Reynolds said they weren`t planning on going on Verruckt anyway.

"I`ve never been here before, so maybe once I see what`s here, if I don`t think it looks safe I won`t let them go on it," said Reynolds.

Many rides near Verruckt -- like the tube ride nearby, Mighty Mo, were closed Wednesday and for the rest of the week. For more information, click on this link.