KC Pet Project adjusts to accommodate alligator found in Kansas City home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police arrested a Kansas City man Saturday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, but what they found inside the house has an area animal shelter making adjustments.

Animal Control normally drops off dogs at cats, but as of Saturday, KC Pet Project's newest resident is a reptile.

"He's not exactly the cute and cuddly type.  He is an alligator, and he can be a challenge. He's next door to the chickens which I'm sure isn't making them very happy!"  Executive Director Teresa Johnson said.

Police found the three-foot alligator while arresting his owner Saturday during an assault call.

"It's certainly different for us because we don't really have the facility for an alligator," Johnson said.

The gator stays inside the building at night, and splashes around his baby pool in an outside kennel during the day.

"He'll be here for 10 days until we are able to then place him either with a zoo or some sort of sanctuary," Johnson said.

A shelter volunteer dug up some "crawdads" at a nearby creek to make sure the alligator has plenty to eat while he's there.