KCK family in shock, warning neighbors to be alert after dog was viciously killed

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK family came home to find their dog dying, stabbed by someone in the street. Wednesday night, the family is sending a plea out to their neighborhood and warning them to be alert.

The family came home to find the dog’s neck and stomach cut open. In shock, they immediately called police.

“He was so little, we decided to name him Chico because he was just a small little dog,” said Maria Carrillo.

Fourteen years ago, the little guy became a part of Maria Carrillo’s family

“He was a really good guard dog, he would always take care of the family.”

But on Saturday, Maria got home to find Chico was fighting for his life. She says her brother came home to find someone attacked the dog and it was fighting to stay alive.

“They cut his neck, like somebody tried to cut his head off,” Carrillo said.

The family immediately called police and rushed Chico to the vet.

“It was such a violent crime.”

The family believes it happened in the alley near 11th and Barnett. The dog left behind a trail of blood, fighting his way back home.

“Where can we turn to? Someone is out there, doing these things,” Carrillo said.

With a person who would commit a violent crime on an animal on the loose, Maria is worried about kids in her neighborhood.

“There's a lot of kids in this neighborhood. Somebody who could do this to a dog... let him bleed out like that, it could be a kid next,” she said.

Her family has been staying inside ever since, doors locked. Sidewalks once filled with kids playing, now empty.

“We have to do something as a community, to take care of our kids. Look out for one another,” she said.

The family has no idea who could’ve done this. If you saw anything suspicious in that area over the weekend, call Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.