Make transitions to new schools easier for teens and pre-teens

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- School is just days away and your kids are probably feeling sad to see the summer disappear so fast. That’s especially true for kids newly entering middle or high school and those who’ve moved into a new school district. Dr. Wes Crenshaw joined FOX 4 to talk about how to make these big life transitions easier for teens and pre-teens.

What are kids generally feeling when they consider a new school setting?

Worry at the unknown
Anxiety about social connections
Sense of disorganization

Kids probably vary a lot in how difficult school transitions can be for them. Which kids have the hardest time?

Social anxious or shy
Low social skills

What can parents do to smooth the transition for kids attending new schools?

Try to avoid attendance zone changes
Assure the logistics
Encourage social involvements

And what about those really anxious kids that don’t really get over the adjustment?

Work with a therapist
Examine if this is a larger issue
Balance “pushing” and “holding”

Wes Crenshaw, PhD CST
Family Psychological Services, Lawrence