Midtown robbery leaves Kansas City man without expensive lawn equipment, one of three in three days

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There were three robberies in three days in Midtown Kansas City. Two of them happened just hours from each other.

Instead of working, Sheldon Warner of Eclipse Landscaping was left waiting on Wednesday for police assistance.

Warner was busy weeding the lawn at the Villas Apartments. The apartments are housing provided by the Center for Developmentally Disabled. He was on the other side of the property, when he said a resident noticed a man get into the back of his truck’s trailer.

“I came running back. By the time I got to my trailer, the car had already left,” he said.

There have been a string of robberies in the area. Warner was targeted at 9:30 Wednesday morning at Amour Blvd & Tracy Ave. Just three hours earlier, at the bus stop on Amour & Troost, a man was robbed of his cell phone and wallet. Right down Tracy Ave, a woman was walking to the bus stop and again robbed of her purse and cell phone.

“I know here recently there’s been some stuff down in this area, but I think landscapers are usually easily targets because they leave their equipment to go work and nobody is watching it,” said Warner.

Warner said about $2,000 worth of equipment was stolen. He said he hopes police are able to catch the robbers before they do anymore damage.

Police say the robberies are not connected.