After girl hit by car, neighbors blame road work for extra traffic on dead end street

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK woman said a driver hit her daughter on their dead end street Friday night. The little girl has a broken leg and parents in the neighborhood are fed up with nearby road construction. They're adding a personal touch to the street corner in an effort to get drivers to think twice before zooming down 37th Street.

The kids off 37st Street and County Line Road are glad their playmate is back. Six-year-old Prudence spent two nights in the hospital recovering from surgery for a broken femur. As her mother Amy Cook carried her from the car to the front door of their house, the kids circled around the girl, cheering, "Welcome home! Welcome home!"

Prudence spoke with FOX 4's Megan Dillard Sunday. The girl told Megan, "A car ran me over on my leg."

Cook said her daughter plays outside all the time, and she knows the rules about the road. "Watch out for cars and I looked both ways. There was no cars coming, but there was a car."

Witnesses said everything Friday afternoon happened in a quick flash.

"She was over there playing in the driveway right there. She was on the scooter," said Misty Roberts.

Another witness, Dale Ross, said, "She tried to stop but the car topped the hill. She did hit her brakes, but by that time it was like thump thump. She had run over her log."

"She started screaming," Cook said of her daughter.

Witnesses all agree it was an accident. But it's one they say could've been avoided if drivers would just read the signs at the end of the road.

Ross said, "I know that sign. I know they can read." "They don't pay attention," Roberts said.

People who live on the street say nearby road work on Merriam is forcing drivers to take detours.

Roberts said, "Since that construction, they use this street to go down here and turn around and turn around and come back down."

Cook said, "Most people that live on our street know that there's lots of kids up here playing, so they'll slow down."

Prudence's injury has driven neighbors to add their own signs to the corner.

"There's a bunch of kids out here playing so you should keep your eyes open on the street," Ross said.

Roberts said, "There is a way up there, by that stop sign, go up this way and around, it'll take you all the way around. This is not a detour."

Cook is glad her daughter's injuries weren't worse, but she hopes it's enough of a wakeup call for the city to do something else to keep drivers off 37th Street.

Cook said, "Tomorrow I'm going to the city because something has to be done."

Prudence had just started school Friday. Now, her mother said, she'll be out for a few months. Cook is working on a way to get her daughter a wheelchair.