Kansas court says mom who bound and blindfolded her kids, claiming demon possession, should not have parental rights

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — A Kansas court says parental rights should be terminated for a woman accused in 2012 of binding and blindfolding two of her children.

The Kansas Court of Appeals agreed Friday that Deborah Gomez’s parental rights should be terminated.

Gomez, and her husband, Adolfo Gomez, were arrested after police found two of their children blindfolded and bound with duct tape in a Lawrence Walmart parking lot. The couple said they were traveling from Illinois because they believed the world was ending. The children were taken into state custody.

During the preliminary hearing, the court learned the couple had sold most of their belongings and left their suburban Chicago home because, “a darkness was coming over the house,” and the house was possessed by demons. Police said the family left Chicago and were headed to Arizona where their oldest son attends college. On their way to Arizona, the Gomez family broke down in Lawrence and were temporarily living in their SUV in the Walmart parking lot.

At the time of their arrest in June 2012, police said they were forced to tase Adolfo Gomez three times. His wife, Deborah Gomez, was found shopping inside Walmart. Inside her cart police found a baseball bat, two rolls of duct tape and two tarps.

Both parents later pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of endangering a child. Deborah Gomez served about six months in jail. In 2012, the Gomez’ children were 15, 13, 12, 7 and 5-years old.

The Lawrence Journal World reports that the appeals court rejected her claim that she should have her parental rights restored.


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